Below are the answers to some of my most frequently asked questions!

Please be aware that emails or messages containing questions answered here will either be redirected here privately or ignored. Please read through before asking! I’ve labeled sections for your convenience.


Q: Do you take requests? Can I ask you to draw something for me?

A: TL;DR - No, I don’t take requests. Please don’t ask! You may commission me when I am open, though! 

Long Answer: Though I wish i had the time and resources to draw requests for all of my fans, I unfortunately cannot do this. Sure, a request here and there would be just fine (and on rare occasions i’ll open for requests -of my characters- via tumblr asks) but If i do one piece of free art for someone, it’s not fair to ignore the others, and I’d rather not go down that slippery slope. Freelance illustration - or “furry porn” as most people see it - is my job! Please don’t ask me to work for no pay!

Q: Are you on any Gallery websites?

A: I use Twitter and FA exclusively. My tumblr (this page) is used for informational and archival purposes only. You can find some of my older work here.

Art Commission FAQ:


A1: I am if you are a member of the higher tiers of my patreon.

You can become a member of my Patreon here:

These priority commissions are available to Alpha ($15 per month) and higher tiers, and are considered at all times. Not *always* accepted, but this is the only way to commission me when I am not running a daily stream or event, unless i otherwise specifically announce more long-term openings on my other websites. 


Join my Telegram Channel. That’s first dibs on all non-patreon commission opportunities! For other locations, see next question. Look at my social media accounts - if you see a post saying that I’m open, and no posts saying that I’m closed, give it a shot! The post regarding the opening will have further instructions. Most slots close within a few hours, if not within 24 hours. Streams (like sketch streams, etc) usually last several hours. If the stream is over, the slots are no longer available.

Check my Twitter Timeline for additional openings. I often do one-offs here and small commissions, or test out new commission themes and ideas here. If on twitter, the slot usually is taken/closed within a few minutes to hours. Any slot announcement older than 12-24 hours can usually be considered closed. 


A: My Patreon, Telegram Channel, Twitter, and FA (in that order!)

Why in that order? Patreon goes first because it’s a paid service. Secondly, I like to reward the people on my Telegram channel with first (free) dibs! Twitter is the easiest & fastest to communicate on, and FA is just clunky and difficult to use.

Some commissions (i.e. Frenzy Streams, some special commission events for holidays, etc) will be announced on all sources well before the event.

Q: When do you normally open up?

A: As needed. 

I do not have or maintain a regular opening schedule! 

Q: What are your prices?

A: I work on a quote system! Once you have a slot and tell me what you want, I’ll tell you how much it will cost.

Ballpark pricing (in USD):

  • Shaded Color: $240+ per character, minimum

  • Flat color: $180+ per character, minimum

  • Sketches: $60+ per character, minimum

  • Backgrounds cost extra. Minimum $40, up to $100+ for hand-painted

  • Detailed costumes cost extra

  • Extra work costs extra (i.e. spots/stripes, alternate versions, accessories, complex characters, anything that takes more time than the ‘basic version’ of the character.)

Please note that I will not discuss specifics of pricing until you secure a slot or are a patron. Sorry, but I have to spend my time on my paying customers! Once you become a paying customer, you will have my full attention and we can have as long of a conversation about pricing as needed, but please be aware that I do strongly prefer to keep things short and to the point.

Q: So how do I get custom artwork from you?

A: Read this FAQ! It explains it all.

Q: Can I order a commission in advance?

A: Yes, if you are a member of my patreon’s higher tiers.

You can join that patreon here for $15 or more per month: (Cheaper options available but do not provide priority commission opportunities.)

Otherwise, I don’t keep a queue because I hate to keep people waiting, and because customers waiting on me makes me feel really pressured! I try to do all my work in stream or via quick communication. You can find more informatin in the next answer.

Q: How long does it take to get a commission from you? Is there a waitlist?

A: I HATE WAITLISTS!! I do my best to complete all commissions within a one week timeline. Most are day-of or next-day.

This is why I ONLY do in-stream or quick openings and limit my long-term commissions to patreon only (see previous qustion)! I hate having a waiting list. Should special circumstances dictate otherwise, you can be assured I will be in contact with you - and all commissioners have access to a special, commissioner-only business e-mail address in case you need to reach me.

MERCH (Physical Goods) FAQ:

Q: Where do i get those paw socks?


They’re now available in packs of four online! 

Q: Online shop? Where?!


Q: Where do I get a shirt? Werewolf Boyfriend?

A: Via teespring!

All my shirts are here or on my bigcartel store (see above)

OR you can get them at conventions!

Q: Where can i get your stickers?

A: Available online soon. Please check back later!

FAQ for Kihu:

(the artist running this site)

Q: How long have you been drawing?

Since I was a little kid! I first started taking it seriously when I bought a comic book kit when I was about 10 years old.

Q: What got you into the furry fandom?

I was googling The Black Panther (comic book character) so I could draw him one day when I was about 13 or 14. Instead, I found VCL… The rest is history!

Q: What Software and equipment do you use?

A: I run a pc with Photoshop CC 2019, a Cintiq Pro 13", and use tools like Lazy Nezumi (line smoothing) and DesignDoll (3D model posing for reference) to assist with my work. I also have an ipad Pro that I use procreate on when traveling. 

Q: Are you single? Looking?

A: No, thanks for asking! I’m happily taken.