size charts updated 2016.png

Please provide numbers as muscle/fat (i.e. ¼, 5/2, etc)

Fat goes on top of muscle! For example, a 1/6 (1 muscle, 6 fat) is going to be a very soft, chubby body, while a 6/1 would be a huge, in-season bodybuilder (lots of muscle, very little body fat). A 1/1 would be very skinny, very low body fat, and a 6/6 is a huge bodybuilder with a good deal of body fat - think “world’s strongest man” competition types.

Note to Commissioners: please keep in mind that these charts represent the limits of what i’m comfortable drawing if i’m drawing more in a more realistic style. I usuallyexaggerate things, but this is a good indication of what I’m comfortable with! Please don’t ask for more than what’s shown here. Thanks!


Any and all artists and commissioners are free to use these and this page that describes them at any time. Hope it helps!